There is a gallery located at 1 Beith Joseph Street.

The Artist of this gallery is Moshe Yair ....


Micro calligraphy is the ancient art of writing Biblical Texts in very small, almost microscopic letters.

Oil Paintings

The oil paintings are aspects of life in Safed through the eyes and hand of Moshe Yair. Enjoy Safed Israel with a beautiful painting

Three Dimensional Art

Moshe paints a series of 3-D paintings from the “Song of Songs” to “The Song at the Sea”. Each one is a Moshe Yair original

About Moshe Yair

Moshe Yair was born in 1959 in the Old City of Safed Israel. He is the seventh generation of Yair family in Safed. The first generation migrated to Tsfat from Spain.

His family has helped build Safed. His great grandfather Rabbi Moshe Rachamim Yair built the Moshe Rachamim synagogue over 400 years ago.

Moshe still prays in this ancient synagogue today. Moshe served six years in the Israeli Air Force as the observer in a two man aircraft.

Moshe was 30 years old when he began painting. In the beginning it was only as a hobby. However it was soon apparent that Moshe had a blessing from above. He remembers his grandmother writing psalms in very tiny letters. This gave Moshe the inspiration to begin his micro calligraphy art. Moshe then opened his gallery “Yair Gallery” in the old city artist gallery in Tsfat Israel.