Abuot Moshe Yair

IMG_6544Moshe Yair was born in 1959 in the Old City of Safed Israel. He is the seventh generation Yair in Safed. The first generation migrated to this to Tsfat from Spain. His family has helped build Safed. His great grandfather Rabbi Moshe Rachamim Yair built the Moshe Rachamim synagogue over 400 years ago. Moshe still prays in this ancient synagogue today. Moshe served six years in the Israeli air force as the observer in a two man aircraft.

Moshe was 30 years old when he began painting. In the beginning it was only as a hobby. However it was soon apparent that Moshe had a blessing from above. He remembers his grandmother writing psalms in very tiny letters. This gave Moshe the inspiration to begin his micro calligraphy art. Moshe then opened his gallery “Yair Gallery” in the old city artist gallery in Tsfat Israel.

The artist Moshe Yair is inspired by the texts and holiness that are written in the lanes of the old city. The micro calligraphy paintings include a full range of the Jewish people. Among the paintings can be found the texts of the book “Songs of Solomon”, the grieving in “Lamentations” and the sorrow of “Ecclesiastes”.

The suffering of the Jewish people in Egypt can be felt in Moshe’s Haggadah painting, the hardship in the desert, the joy of King David’s songs, and the miracle of crossing the sea, are all brought from Moshe’s heart to the canvas in other micro calligraphy works.


Moshe Yair also creates a series of three-dimensional and Oil paintings, which are inspired by the lanes and passageways of Safed.
Moshe has participated in exhibitions across America; New York, Houston, Chicago, and Florida. Moshe is very well received among his colleagues and clients and enjoys much success from these shows.

The uniqueness of Moshe Yair’s work is his personal touch. Moshe hand paints each painting. He does not make lithograph copies. Every painting is hand painted and no two are the same. But in all of Moshe’s works the holy ambiance of Safed emanates.